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Videos for teams and competitions have arrived on iOS!

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If you are an Android user, click here.

The much awaited arrival of videos for teams and competitions is finally over!

With that in mind, here’s a simple guide on how to access them:

Team Videos

Find your team using the navigable “Explore” option in the main menu. After that, go to the “VIDEOS” tab, as shown below:

Explore in the main menu Team videos for Chelsea
From there, all of your team’s latest clips will be at your fingertips.

Competition Videos

As before, select a competition via the “Explore” option or the match list. Once again, go to the “VIDEOS” tab.

Match list Videos for La Liga

How to Filter Videos

Handily, you can choose to display either all of the clips or only match highlights, like so:

Filtering options for videos Filtered videos for Real Madrid

How to contribute on android: a step-by-step guide

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Do you want to make your mark on CrowdScores? Then read on as we guide you to being a master at contributing match events in the app. You can contribute goals, lineups, cards, substitutions and much more.

Contributing: How does it work?

Go into the TIMELINE tab in a game, then press the circle button at the bottom right of the screen, as shown below:

Timeline: where to find the contribute button Contribute button clicked
From there, you can choose to contribute various types of match event. This helps us improve the speed and accuracy of the data for CrowdScores users like you.


Here’s how your screen will look when contributing a goal, a yellow card and a substitution, respectively:

Contribute a substitution Contribute a goal Contribute a card


Try to make sure to contribute accurately, because soon it will turn your contributions into points…

Contributing on iOS: a step-by-step guide

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Do you want to make your mark on CrowdScores? Then read on as we guide you to being a master at contributing in the app.

Contributing: How does it work?

Go into the MATCH tab in a game, and then press the the large + button, as shown below:

From there, you can choose to contribute various types of match event. This helps us improve the speed and accuracy of the data for CrowdScores users like you.

Screenshot of contributing

Here’s how your screen will look when contributing a goal, a yellow card and a substitution, respectively:

Screenshot of contributing a goal Screenshot of contributing a yellow card Screenshot of contributing a substitution
The faster and more accurate your contributions are, the more points you will receive. The points you get will vary depending on the type of match event you contribute, such as goals or yellow cards. Be precise throughout a match and you could sit atop the leaderboard!

Please note: these scores are not representative of the actual 21/08/2017 match between Manchester City and Everton

End of Season Review – 2016/17

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End of Season Review

With Real Madrid confirmed as back-to-back Champions League winners, and the majority of European Leagues now over, it is the perfect time to give you a quick overview of what has been, by far, the biggest season yet for CrowdScores. Here are our highlights of the 2016-17 season:

1,000,000 Users

We saw an immense growth in the CrowdScores community last season. After starting the season with 150,000 active users, we surpassed 1,000,000 active users in March 2017.

We’ve also seen more and more users getting actively involved, which resulted in a total of 1,541,289 comments on matches over the course of the season.

With the help of everyone we can keep on growing, so please keep on spreading the word!

Most popular match

Any guesses for which was the most popular match on CrowdScores this season?

Real Madrid, Barcelona, La Liga, CrowdScores, iOS App, Live Score, Livescore, Season Review

It was the highly anticipated El Clásico on 23rd April. A huge 37,092 users predicted the outcome of the game, of which 38% were correct.

The end to end game, which finished with a dramatic last minute winner from Lionel Messi, inspired CrowdScores users who made a total of 9476 comments during the match, including 315 comments reacting to Messi’s final goal. This works out at a staggering 105 comments per minute during the game.

We’re covering more games than ever…

We covered a total of 49,944 games from 337 competitions. We also added a host of new competitions for you to follow including the AFC Champions League, Algerian Ligue 1 and the Indian’s Women League.

We will continue to improve our coverage next so CrowdScores users can follow more and more leagues from around the world.

What’s coming next?

Work is already underway on new features for next season to make your experience even better. Here are just two of many upcoming new features:

Player Profiles –  See the age, nationality, appearances, goals and much more for players.
Goalscorer Notifications – Goal notifications will now have the name of the goalscorer when available.

Competitions to follow this summer:

Worried about not getting your football fix over the summer? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Here are 4 competitions to follow on CrowdScores before the European Leagues get underway again in August:

European U21 Championship – 16 June – 30 June

Confederations Cup – 17 June – 2 July

UEFA Women’s EURO 2017 Finals – 16 July – 6 August

Tournament of Nations (W) – 27 July – 3 August

And of course, you can follow all your favourite team’s pre-season fixtures live on CrowdScores.

Last, but not least, a big THANK YOU to everyone who uses, interacts and contributes on CrowdScores. We hope to see you back for your favourite competitions over the summer and for the start of next season.

If you have any feedback on any new competitions or features you’d like us to add, please email us on

Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Translations – Get CrowdScores into your language

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CrowdScores is currently used by 1 million users a month in more than 200 countries. It is our mission to allow fans to share football data at all levels of the game and in order to do this, we need your help.

We are looking for users of the app to help CrowdScores provide a better service to regions across the globe. Our app is currently available in 15 languages on each platform (iOS and Android) and we want to grow our coverage even further.

There are two ways you can help contribute to our translations; you can either help add a new language to the app or improve the languages we currently have.

iOS Languages

Missing – Danish, Czech, Slovak, Croatian, Catalan, Romanian

Improving – Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Turkish, Polish, Hungarian

Android Languages

Missing – Czech, Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Danish, Romanian, Serbian, Slovak

Improving – Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Brazil), Turkish, Polish, Hungarian

If you would like to help CrowdScores with translations then please send an email to with the following information;

  • Name
  • Languages you are fluent in
  • Languages you wish to translate

If your language is not listed above then please also contact us on with your suggested language and we will try to get this added.

CrowdScores Passes 1 Million Users

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CrowdScores iOS Android Live Football Scores 1 Million Users

CrowdScores Passes 1 Million Users!

In 2012, with just a team of 2, CrowdScores was formed to give football fans a platform to share information about the match they are watching. Today, with a team of 21, we’re pleased to announce that more than 1 million people use that platform. That’s 1 million users who are a part of CrowdScores to not only consume football data but also share it with other fans around the World.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who uses CrowdScores to get their football scores, contribute information or discuss matches. Since the release of the iOS and Android apps, 200,000 goals, 70,000 cards and more than 1,500,000 comments have been contributed by our amazing userbase. We couldn’t do it without you.

Your kind comments and feedback make it all worthwhile and help us to improve our product. Here are a few of our favourite comments…

If you have any suggestions or want to keep up to date with our latest releases then don’t forget to follow CrowdScores on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We do our best to reply to anyone who contacts us.

Thank You!

Download CrowdScores free now and become a part of our 1 million strong community

Football Soccer Fastest Live Scores App Store iOS Apple iPhone Vidiprinter FutbolFootball Soccer Fastest Live Scores Google Play Android Vidiprinter Futbol


Match Highlights

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Match Highlights

We are very excited to announce that this week we will begin rolling out match highlights on both our iOS and Android apps. Here’s all you need to know about the release…


Soon after the match has finished highlights from the match will appear at the top of the info tab in a ‘Highlights’ widget. The video is hosted on YouTube and has been integrated seamlessly into CrowdScores so that you can watch the video without having to leave the app.

Google Pixel CrowdScores Android Google Play Video Highlights


Again, normally within a couple of hours of the full-time whistle, the highlights of the match will appear. The difference on iOS is that the video will appear at the top of the match timeline.

iPhone 7 CrowdScores iOS App Store Video Highlights

Initially match highlights will only appear for La Liga matches. In the next few weeks, we will be adding highlights from more leagues and competitions from around the World.

The rollout starts from today so keep an eye on App Store and Google Play for the update.

Do you have any suggestions or questions for us about highlights or anything else to do with the app? Please feel free to email us on or send a tweet to @CrowdScores.

New Leagues Added

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At CrowdScores our aim is to bring you all the football scores you could ever want within our application. Here is a list of new leagues that have gone live in the past few weeks;

AFC Champions League (Asian Champions League) – Group stage starts on 20th February
Campeonato Alagoano (Brazilian regional league)
Campeonato Carioca (Brazilian regional league)
Campeonato Cearense (Brazilian regional league)
Campeonato Goiano (Brazilian regional league)
Campeonato Maranhense (Brazilian regional league)
Campeonato Paranense (Brazilian regional league)
Campeonato Paraibano (Brazilian regional league)
Campeonato Paranaense (Brazilian regional league)
Campeonato Potiguar (Brazilian regional league)
Primeira Liga Brasil (Brazilian regional league)
Algerian Ligue 1
Indian Women’s League

We are constantly adding new leagues every day but if there is a league that we do not currently cover that you would like to see on CrowdScores then please email and let us know.

Download CrowdScores free now to check out the new leagues for yourself

Football Soccer Fastest Live Scores App Store iOS Apple iPhone Vidiprinter FutbolFootball Soccer Fastest Live Scores Google Play Android Vidiprinter Futbol

End of Year Review – 2016

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2016 has been a busy year at CrowdScores, attracting over one-and-a-half million downloads from football fans around the globe. We have been the number one Sports app in over 20 countries on the App Store/Play Store and we intend to grow that figure and reach out to even more fans in 2017.

Merry Christmas from the CrowdScores team 🎄 #Football #StartUp #London

A photo posted by CrowdScores (@crowdscores_app) on

It is also the year where we have become a truly global football community, with users from over 200 countries worldwide coming together to share their passion for football on CrowdScores. Here’s a recap of our top highlights:

The Stats


48,213 Live Matches

On an average month, we covered more than 4000 matches. In total we now cover 74 competitions from the English Premier League to the United Football League in the Philippines. The busiest month was in October, where we covered a staggering 5703 matches.

2015: 21,405 Live Matches

115,630 Goals

On average there were 2.40 goals scored per game. With 59 goals for club and country in 2016, Lionel Messi was solely responsible for 0.0005% of all goals!

2015: 53,980 Goals

393,516 Match Events

Match events can mean anything from a substitution to a yellow card, they’ve all got to be processed to provide detailed data.

2015: 232,773 Match Events

27,162,456 Reports

On average, each month, we aggregated 2,263,538 reports to provide you with the fastest and most accurate scores.

2015: 21,149,229 Reports

974,353 User Comments

Football fans love to share their opinions, and we give them the platform to do so. The most commented match of the year was El Clasico on December 3rd, with 6,256 comments, including 326 reacting to Sergio Ramos’ dramatic last minute equaliser.

2015: 65,110 User Comments

User Predictions


One of the most popular features we released last year has been user predictions. This gives users the chance to predict which team will win before kick-off. Here’s a little look at the top 5 games our users predicted on, and how many were actually correct!

CrowdScores End Of Year Review 2016 Live Football Scores App iOS Android

1) Barcelona 1-1 Real Madrid – 3rd December – 19,978 votes

Were CS users right? El Clasico rivalry splitted fans and only 11% correctly predicted a draw for this one.

CrowdScores End Of Year Review 2016 Live Football Scores App iOS Android

2) Real Madrid 2-2 Borussia Dortmund – 7th December – 9692 votes

Were CS users right? Fans sided with Real Madrid in this Champions League tie, and only 16% correctly predicted the points would be split.

CrowdScores End Of Year Review 2016 Live Football Scores App iOS Android

3) Atletico Madrid 0-3 Real Madrid – 19th November – 8034 votes

Were CS users right? Yep! 57% of users correctly predicted Real Madrid would come out on top in the Madrid Derby.

CrowdScores End Of Year Review 2016 Live Football Scores App iOS Android

4) Man City 1-3 Chelsea – 3rd December – 6235 votes

Were CS users right? The only Premier League game to feature on this list, and 42% of users correctly predicted Conte’s Blues would take home the three points.

CrowdScores End Of Year Review 2016 Live Football Scores App iOS Android

5) Man City 3-1 Barcelona – 1st November – 6060 votes

Were CS users right? Only 19% predicted a win for Guardiola’s team against his former side, with the majority siding with Barcelona.

The Squad


Of course, none of this progress would have happened without a dedicated team, who are committed to making CrowdScores the fastest and most accurate live scores app. Occasionally though, the work stops for a quick game of FIFA or a monthly social. Here are some of our snaps from the past 12 months:

The two worst FIFA players in the office going head-to-head

Working hard this afternoon at #CrowdScores HQ #FIFA #UltimateTeam #FUTDraft #Football #Soccer #London

A photo posted by CrowdScores (@crowdscores_app) on

A round of mini-golf (we’ll be sticking to the day jobs)

The #CrowdScores team enjoying a round of mini golf last week #London #JunkyardGolf #BrickLane #StartUp #Golf #MiniGolf

A photo posted by CrowdScores (@crowdscores_app) on

Working hard at Google Play Playtime

Working hard at #GooglePlaytime this afternoon #London #StartUp #Google #Android #GooglePlay

A photo posted by CrowdScores (@crowdscores_app) on

Make sure you’re following us on Instagram for more snaps in 2017.

What 2017 Holds For CrowdScores…


We’re always working hard to improve the experience for our users. We plan to cover even more competitions and provide even faster data. We also plan to increase the gamification element, by giving users who send in accurate data from matches more recognition.

As ever, we value any feedback, and if there’s anything you would like to see added please email

Lastly, a massive THANK YOU to everyone who uses CrowdScores as their go-to live scores app and participates in our growing community. Together, we can make 2017 our best year yet.

Haven’t downloaded CrowdScores yet? What are you waiting for…

Football Soccer Fastest Live Scores App Store iOS Apple iPhone Vidiprinter FutbolFootball Soccer Fastest Live Scores Google Play Android Vidiprinter Futbol

CrowdScores at Google Play Playtime

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Google Play Playtime

Last Thursday, CrowdScores was kindly invited to Google Play Playtime at the National Centre for Circus Arts in Shoreditch, London.

The event was for leading Android developers to get tips and learn best practices for growing and succeeding on Google Play Store. It also provided an opportunity for developers to meet members of the Google Play team and share their feedback on the platform.

CrowdScores Android Google Play Playtime

The day began with a speech from Mark Bennett, the International Director at Google Play. He discussed a number of exciting new features, which included Instant Apps, Android Wear and Universal App Campaigns which are now a major part of our marketing strategy.

Up next was the Group Product Manager of Google Play, Ellie Powers. She discussed the more technical advancements we should look to expect from Android Studio and Firebase amongst other Google technologies.

Lunch brought about an opportunity for Google advocates to bond over Android shaped snacks or fight against one another in an Android style sumo suit. Needless to say, members of the CrowdScores team had a bout.

Google Play Playtime CrowdScores Sumo Wrestling

After lunch, sessions were split up into apps or mobile games. We opted for the app route which began with a session by Hugo Obi the Co-founder of Mailyo. Mailyo is a ‘premier gaming company’ that caters specifically for the African mobile market.

CrowdScores had 200,000 users from Africa in August 2016 so it was interesting to hear Hugo’s insight into the continent’s mobile usage behaviour. One statistic that particularly resonated with us was that 1 billion Android users will be using 2G on 2020. This means that for any application to be successful globally they need to be optimised for users with a limited mobile data budget.

Google Play Playtime CrowdScores Android

The day concluded with a panel of leading personalities in the mobile world, which featured representatives from King and Deliveroo. The main topic of discussion was the future of mobile and how they thought the industry would change in the future. It was fascinating to hear what they thought was in store for virtual reality, particularly regarding Google VR.

As passionate mobile developers, it was great to be given the opportunity to spend the day amongst so many like-minded people. We are extremely excited to build upon what we learnt at Google Play Playtime in order to improve our users’ experience at CrowdScores.

To see more of what went on at Google Play Playtime check out their hashtag #GooglePlaytime on Twitter.