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Born out of a frustration at a data monopoly, a place where numerous levels of the footballing pyramid are ignored and offers a slow service by modern technological standards, CrowdScores was formed in 2012 with a vision to redress the balance of football data coverage.

By utilising football fans’ inherent desire to share information on their club, we aim to make CrowdScores the best football community in the world. We provide live football data via a unique method, crowdsourcing. Our app empowers loyal fans, no matter which team they support, to share the latest events live from the match.

Every contribution goes into our processors which employ complex algorithms to determine inaccurate or malicious reports. Within milliseconds, our systems can determine the veracity of a report and update the score for everyone using CrowdScores.

We want to build a football community that caters for all levels of the game. From supporters of the Premier League, to Sunday Leagues and 5-a-side. Our users over all levels contribute data and help us decide on new features. As a result, this provides us feedback so that we can improve our service. In addition, you can make your voice heard; the comments section offers you the chance to give your opinions and is an opportunity for like-minded football fans to discuss the beautiful game.

1 million users can’t be wrong. Download CrowdScores on iOS and Android to get live football scores straight to your device.

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