How CrowdScores Works

Contributing: How does it work?

Do you want to make your mark on CrowdScores? Then read on as we guide you to being a master at contributing match events in the app. You can contribute goals, lineups, cards, substitutions and much more.

Go into the TIMELINE tab in a game, For Android then press the circle button at the bottom right of the screen and for iOS your press the “Contribute” drop drown message, as shown below:



From there, you can choose to contribute various types of match event. This helps us improve the speed and accuracy of the data for CrowdScores users like you.

Here’s how your screen will look when contributing a goal, it works similar for both platforms and it works in similar way for all other events, we have used Android to report a goal as an example.

The faster and more accurate your contributions are, the more points you will receive. The points you get will vary depending on the type of match event you contribute, such as goals or yellow cards.