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CrowdScores surpasses 5 million downloads!

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Thanking you, the CrowdScores community

Because of you, we have reached a major milestone in our quest to become the ultimate live scores app around.

Due to your spreading the word, leaving reviews and contributing in the app, we have been able to add more football fans to our community, continue to evolve and provide the fastest live scores in football.

Keep on doing so, as it not only improves the app but helps make it tailored to your needs.

How you can keep improving CrowdScores

  • Contributing in the app – by inputting goals, cards, substitutions as soon as they go in
  • Correcting our data – if you see incorrect names for teams, players and competitions, let us know
  • Improving our translations – if you are fluent in English and another language, tell us and you see your translations in CrowdScores!
  • Giving feedback – if you want to tell us what you love (or not) about the app, leave us a review

5 million downloads on Android. Let’s make it 50 million.

Faster updates. More battery. Less data usage.

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CrowdScores was already the fastest live scores app, but we didn’t stop there.

Using Firebase Realtime Database, the app just became a whole lot faster.

What this means for you

  1. Previously the match list was refreshed either periodically or after your pull-to-refresh gesture. Now, it will just always be up-to-date. Whether it’s goals, half-time or cards, it will update straightaway. Magic!
  2. You will now use less data. Now we just download the right data at the right time. Only what’s new will be downloaded. This means optimal data usage.
  3. You will save battery. By using less data, you will use less battery, so you can continue checking scores after a long day.

Now not only will you get the fastest notifications, but also the fastest updating match list!

Make CrowdScores yours: a one-minute questionnaire

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CrowdScores needs you!

Your feedback about the app is crucial to making it as good as it can possibly be. With your input, we can tailor the app to your needs and make it the ultimate source of live football scores.

Do you like the range of leagues we cover? What about the speed and usefulness of notifications? Maybe you like that you can contribute? Or perhaps you like that we show team videos in the app? Let us know how we can tailor the app to your wishes.

Give us your thoughts on what you like about CrowdScores, where it can improve and what you would like the app to become in this quick, 1 minute questionnaire. Be assured that all responses will remain confidential.

If there is any other issue that you would like to see raised then send an email to


Videos for teams and competitions have arrived on iOS!

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If you are an Android user, click here.

The much awaited arrival of videos for teams and competitions is finally over!

With that in mind, here’s a simple guide on how to access them:

Team Videos

Find your team using the navigable “Explore” option in the main menu. After that, go to the “VIDEOS” tab, as shown below:

Explore in the main menu Team videos for Chelsea
From there, all of your team’s latest clips will be at your fingertips.

Competition Videos

As before, select a competition via the “Explore” option or the match list. Once again, go to the “VIDEOS” tab.

Match list Videos for La Liga

How to Filter Videos

Handily, you can choose to display either all of the clips or only match highlights, like so:

Filtering options for videos Filtered videos for Real Madrid

Contributing on iOS: a step-by-step guide

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Do you want to make your mark on CrowdScores? Then read on as we guide you to being a master at contributing in the app.

Contributing: How does it work?

Go into the MATCH tab in a game, and then press the the large + button, as shown below:

From there, you can choose to contribute various types of match event. This helps us improve the speed and accuracy of the data for CrowdScores users like you.

Screenshot of contributing

Here’s how your screen will look when contributing a goal, a yellow card and a substitution, respectively:

Screenshot of contributing a goal Screenshot of contributing a yellow card Screenshot of contributing a substitution
The faster and more accurate your contributions are, the more points you will receive. The points you get will vary depending on the type of match event you contribute, such as goals or yellow cards. Be precise throughout a match and you could sit atop the leaderboard!

Please note: these scores are not representative of the actual 21/08/2017 match between Manchester City and Everton

Team Videos – Never miss your team’s latest release

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Team Videos

Great news! You can now enjoy footage of your favourite football team with the new Team Videos feature. It is available on the latest version of CrowdScores for Android at the Google Play Store. Get your hands on it!

This image displays the VIDEOS tab on Barcelona's team page

How it works

Firstly, you are now able to see the newly added Videos tab, which allows you to see all kinds of clips that are available from official club YouTube channels. This should include all videos relating to players, the club, the season at large and much, much more.

You can see the title of the video and the date that it was added to YouTube. By clicking on the row, you are able to view and play the actual video on YouTube itself.

In addition, the upcoming release also includes another exciting feature, now allowing you to filter the videos so that they appear on the screen based on their type. Up to now, the available types are All videos and Match Highlights, but the list will keep expanding. Watch this space!

This video shows the video types: "all videos" and "match highlights"

Coming soon

There will soon be an update for our iOS app which will include all of the above, so please keep looking out for our updates!

Do you have any suggestions or questions for us about highlights or anything else to do with the app? Please feel free to email us on or send a tweet to @CrowdScores.