End of Year Review – 2015

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In the past year, CrowdScores has come on leaps and bounds in the football world. We’ve had more than 200,000 downloads on both our iOS and Android applications which boast rave user reviews.

We consistently provided accurate data faster than our competitors and continue to develop improvements to ensure users are notified of match events as soon as they happen. Our workforce has also doubled in size and we intend to grow even further in 2016.

In this post we’ll discuss our highlights of the year and let you know what we’ve got planned for 2016.

The Stats

Over the course of 2015 our coverage has grown significantly and as a result of this, our user base has too. Here are some facts and figures from the past 12 months;


Our busiest month of the year was October where we covered more than 3000 matches.

53,980 GOALS

Games covered by CrowdScores had an average of 2.52 goals. The quietest month for goals came in June when there were a measly 1606 goal events.


Users were definitely in the Christmas spirit last year as an impressive 31,518 comments came in December alone.


Typical examples of match events are half-time, full-time, cards and substitutions.

21,149,229 REPORTS

On an average month we aggregated 1,762,435 reports in order to bring you the fastest live football scores.


One of our most popular and unique features is the Vidiprinter. Thanks to our users, we are a completely independent football data provider which means that when other apps or sources are not working, we remain unaffected.

On Boxing Day, when BBC’s Final Score and Jeff Stelling and co’s Soccer Saturday Vidiprinters were suffering from a post-Christmas hangover, we experienced no problems whatsoever.

We took the opportunity to let our fellow football fans know where the best place to go for live football scores…


The CrowdScores back-end development team partake in quarterly hackdays where they have the opportunity to work on their own unique projects outside of their usual schedule.

The last Hackday of the year produced mixed results among the team but the highlight was Martyn’s ‘Fastest Pi Scores’. Using our public API, he displayed our football scores on a Raspberry Pi which also read them out loud. Find out more about Martyn’s project here.

The Team

One of the many perks of working at CrowdScores, along with spending half the day creating puns from football players names, is our regular social events. Go-Karting, Table Tennis, FIFA tournaments and Bowling are just some of the hotly contested activities we have organised in 2015. Also, on Thursday nights we have begun playing in a 5-a-side league just down the road from our office.

You can see some of our snaps below;


The day Pablo discovered what a cheeky Nandos was.


Selfie squad.

CrowdScores Football Team

The mighty CF CrowdScores.


CrowdScores go Go-Karting

What’s coming in 2016…

You can expect to see big things from CrowdScores in 2016. We plan to extend our football coverage even further, as well as enhancing our mobile app with new features and revamping our gamification system to make sharing match events more rewarding than ever.

If you have any suggestions for what we should add to the app this year or wish to contact us about any other matter, then please do so by emailing info@crowdscores.com.

Finally, if you haven’t checked out the app yet you can download it by clicking the buttons below.

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Here’s to an even more successful 2016!


Team CrowdScores.