Featured User of the Week! – Allu

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Allu – Bayern München fan.

Allu has been on the app since December 2015 and is currently a moderator for the app! Here’s what the featured user of the week has to say about Football in general & the CrowdScores app:

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“I’ve supported Bayern München for about 12 years now. My relatives were the biggest impact on my choice of favorite club. Also Bayern’s history is a big reason why I support the club. From a small Jewish club to one of the biggest club in football’s history.

My favorite player of all time is Bastian Schweinsteiger. When I started supporting Bayern he was playing for Bayern and I instantly started to like him. He was born leader and his ball playing abilities were amazing. Also his personality was fair and caring.

My best game I have ever seen is easily the 2013 UCL final. Watched that from tv but celebrated as much as possible when Robben scored that winner. That team we had was one of the best there has been in football’s history.

My favorite thing about CrowdScores is the community. When I joined CrowdScores I didn’t really talk that much but I still remember many users from 2015. I started to speak more and more users started to join CrowdScores. Users made friends that they are still in contact. Users have created Discord channels and everything to speak more to each other. Users have actually been there for some others when they had rough time and I don’t think there is any football app there that has as close community as CrowdScores has. There is many users that everyone basically knows and they have got a chance to be moderators which was a huge thing for everyone. Also the staff is awesome, they are in contact with the users and they love joking in the chats. Overall CrowdScores is amazing app that keeps getting better and creates community even more tighter. “

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