Verified and Staff Users

Verified Users

What is a verified account?

Any account with a tick next to their profile picture is a verified user.

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Why are there verified accounts?

We have introduced verified accounts to establish the identities of key individuals on CrowdScores.

Who gets verified?

We verify certain individuals to make it easier for CrowdScores users to identify people they want to look for. It is likely that these verified users are popular in the world of football and media or have a large online presence.

How do I get verified?

We do not accept verification requests from users. If you meet the criteria to become a verified user we will find you.

In the near future we will introduce badges for interactions such as sharing match events and commenting that will be available to all users.

Staff Users

What is a staff account?

Any account with a star icon next to their profile is a staff user.






Why are there staff accounts?

We have also introduced staff accounts so that if users are experiencing any issues or have any questions about CrowdScores they know that their response has come from a source within the company and can be trusted.

Who are the staff?

Staff users are currently internal employees within CrowdScores.